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The Bluesail COVID-19 Promise

At Bluesail the health and safety of our guests has always been, and will continue to be our top priority. While enjoying one of our world-class charter vessels at Stock Island Marina Village we promise you will not only see, hear, and feel the steps we are all collectively taking to safeguard your Key West vacation, but you’ll personally experience it so you can spend your valuable time focusing on creating extraordinary memories to last a lifetime!

Prior to Arrival

  • Vessel will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected

  • All snorkel gear will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and dried prior to your arrival

  • All non-essential paper products will be removed from the vessel

  • Disposable consumable items such as kitchen sponges will be replaced for each reservation

  • Buttons, handles, knobs, and other high-touch areas will get additional disinfectant and cleaning

  • Additional interior cleanings/detail work will be scheduled between bookings to ensure those hard-to-reach places are not missed

On Arrival, Check-in, and Check-out

  • Unless absolutely necessary, only one representative from Bluesail will be present for your check-in

  • Upon check-in you'll have the option to select self-checkout, where nobody from our team is required to be at the vessel for your final inspection and departure

  • All members of the Bluesail team will wear a facial covering when onboard your vessel, including any maintenance and cleaning personal that may be required to come aboard during your booking period

  • The Bluesail team will refrain from close contact with guests, including hand-shaking, fist and elbow-bumping

  • Your vessel will have several bottles of hand sanitizer to use throughout your booking period

Stock Island Marina Village and The Perry Hotel

Bluesail is fortunate to have an incredibly health-conscious partner at the marina-resort our vessels are based. Below are just a few of the precautions you'll see and experience across the property during your stay:

  • Property cleaning crews have increased the frequency of disinfecting routines

  • Sanitization stations have been placed throughout the property

  • Take-out options are available at all property bars and restaurants

  • The ship store is offering curbside pickup and delivery of provisions to your vessel

  • Facial coverings are required to enter all bars and restaurants on the property, in addition to any enclosed area such as the fitness center, hotel lobby, and restrooms throughout the property

  • Elevator capacity will be limited to one couple or family at a time

  • Hourly cleaning times and locations throughout the property, including the lobby, public restrooms, pool, fitness center, and shuttle

  • The hotel shuttle will be limited to 12 passengers at a time and disinfected after every pick-up and drop-off

Links for the health and safety of our guests:

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