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Top 5 Features Onboard The Camper & Nicholsons CN31

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Monohulls are an incredible sailboat type not only for traditional day sails, but also as live-aboard accommodations. Camper & Nicholsons, who have been around since the mid-1800's, and who are is still building today, was founded as early as 1782. Fast forward well over 100 years, and you'll hardly notice the new Camper & Nicholsons as they now focus on custom superyacht design-builds being delivered all over the world.

What makes this particular Camper & Nicholsons CN31 special is she's owned and has been completely restored and heavily upgraded by Bluesail Yachting's former Chief of Maintenance over the past 8 years. While the owner has spent the last 5 years maintaining and operating some incredible yachts makes like Fountaine Pajot, Dufour, Jeanneau, Silent Yacht, Viking, and Leopard, in his spare time he has been restoring this beautiful CN31. You won't want to miss this amazingly restored cutter rig, ready to sail anywhere in the Florida Keys or Caribbean immediately upon purchase! Check out the video below as well as the top 5 features of this beautifully restored CN31 sailboat.


1. Rebuilt Yanmar Diesel Engine

cockpit of a boat

While Chance Encounter's single Yanmar 2QM20 inboard diesel engine was originally produced and commissioned in 1976 along with the boat, the owner has since meticulously overhauled and rebuilt it. Since the overhaul completed in 2018 the engine has only seen about 50 hours of use.

2. Ground Tackle and Anchor System You Can Rely On

Whether you're a sailing wanderlust cruising the Virgin Islands, residing at an anchorage for a few days, or anything in between, you'll be able to rest easy with the most reliable ground tackle gear you'll ever find on a Camper & Nicholsons CN31 sailboat. In 2019 the owner upgraded to the Mantus M1 45 lb. galvanized steel anchor. This anchor has absolutely no cast parts, the shank and shank boot are welded throughout and the roll bar is bolted to the fluke, ensuring structural integrity in even the most severe weather conditions. The M1's sharp-headed nose has been machined by Mantus to perfection, ensuring maximum penetrating power in any sea floor. If that wasn't enough, Chance Encounter comes with 125 feet of 3/8" size galvanized chain along with 120 feet of nylon rode. The chain is attached to the anchor with an oversized Mantus swivel.

As an added bonus, this CN31 sailboat also comes with both a CQR 45 lb and Fortress anchors, with a surplus of extra swivels and shackles, giving you added reliability and peace of mind to drop your anchor in any geography around the globe.

3. All New Standing Rigging

As if upgrading the ground tackle system wasn't enough to get you excited, in 2022 the owner painstakingly enhanced the entire standing rigging system. Under consultation with the only surviving architect of the Camper & Nicholsons CN31, all standing rigging was swapped out from the original through-deck mounted shrouds for exterior chainplates. Alongside the new chainplates, the owner also reinforced the hull at each chainplate mounting location with oversized backing plates, reworked all the deck-to-hull joints, and reinforced a new toe rail design built directly into the joints. This CN31 is the only one on the market with upgrades like this, making this vessel even more sturdy and reliable than even the original design from 1976.

4. New Deck and Cockpit Non-skid

Anyone needing to make their way forward while underway can tell you how important having a non-skid surface is, especially in heavy wet weather. The owner of this CN31 knew this was a key feature that needed to be upgraded for the next owner, so he spent time throughout 2022 adding a new non-skid surface to both the deck and cockpit. Walk about your new CN31 with peace of mind with this incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

5. Harken Ocean Unit 0 Main Furler

We saved the best for last with one of the best upgrades the owner put into this boat over the past year. As virtually any sailor will tell you, while a full batten main with stack pack is great, it doesn't lend itself well to solo operation, so this owner dropped nearly $3,200 into a brand new and professionally installed Harken Ocean Unit 0 furler for his mainsail. The Harken Ocean furling systems are engineered for strength, reliability, and ease of use especially when it comes to solo operation. The Harken free-rolling furlers make all the difference in headsail control by allowing the skipper to reef easily from a single location in the cockpit, all while maintaining perfect sail shape and trim.

This brand new upgrade in October 2022 tops off the list of amazing restorations and upgrades in the past 6 years totaling nearly $15,000.



To learn more about this thoroughly maintained, restored, and upgraded Camper & Nicholsons CN 31 located in Key West, FL check out the full listing details or contact Scott Mayer at or (813) 601-5243 for more information or to schedule a private tour.

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